Matrix Client-Server SDK for Rust

Updated 6 hours ago

Matrix Client-Server SDK for JavaScript

Updated 10 hours ago

Dendrite is a second-generation Matrix homeserver written in Go!

Updated 13 hours ago

Synapse: Matrix homeserver written in Python/Twisted.

Updated 16 hours ago

Proposals for changes to the matrix specification

Updated 16 hours ago

The Matrix protocol specification

Updated 1 day ago

Conduit is a simple, fast and reliable chat server powered by Matrix

Updated 4 days ago

Peer-to-peer overlay routing for the Matrix ecosystem

Updated 2 weeks ago

A moderation tool for Matrix

Updated 3 weeks ago

A simple stateless privacy-protecting URL redirecting service for Matrix

Updated 3 weeks ago

Matrix SDK written in Elm

Updated 2 months ago

Bridge between GameBoy emulator and Matrix, written in Python.

Updated 3 months ago

Control the mgba emulator via Matrix chat

Updated 3 months ago

The dnd5e-town-generator is an application that allows the user to generate a city of a random size.

Updated 3 months ago

Updated 3 months ago

This website allows users to create their own rickrolls with links that no-one could recognize. Including rich preview for extra deceit on websites that use rich preview.

Updated 3 months ago

Room manager that creates public rooms for RSS feeds.

Updated 4 months ago

The open source Matrix client inspired by Habbo Hotel.

Updated 5 months ago

Web implementation of the quantum inspired game.

Updated 10 months ago

This repository contains the source code for the website on Digital Justice.

Updated 11 months ago