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Matrix SDK (beta version)

The Matrix SDK in Elm allows users to communicate with other instances using the Matrix protocol.

The Elm SDK serves as a more consistent alternative to the matrix-js-sdk, which is a JavaScript implementation of the Matrix protocol with several downsides. In contrast, the Elm SDK supports:

  • Matrix spec version adjustment based on which spec version the homeserver supports. The matrix-js-sdk spec uses endpoints from legacy versions and exclusively supports the latest 4 spec versions, while this SDK listens to the homeserver's supported spec versions and talks to the server accordingly. See docs/supported.md to discover which interactions are supported for which spec versions.

  • One way to do things instead of having multiple functions that are considered deprecated.

Follow us on Mastodon or join the conversation on Matrix to stay up-to-date on the latest changes.

How to install

In your terminal, run

elm install noordstar/elm-matrix-sdk-beta

Keep in mind that the beta versions are intended to develop rapidly. You should not expect the versions to remain reliable for years! If you need a stable version, please wait around for a full version.


If you wish to contribute, please read the contribution guide.