Host a bridge between Minecraft and Matrix
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Fix a bug where the client didn't actually ignore messages that were sent in the past. This could cause a server to stop running because it had been asked to stop in the past, forcing the Matrix room to spam enough messages until the command would no longer appear in the initial sync
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This repository hosts a Minecraft server that is also connected to a Matrix client.

This way, communication is enabled between a Minecraft server and a Matrix room.


  1. Create a Docker image using the following command:
docker build -t matrix-mc-server ./
  1. Download the latest Minecraft server jar file.

  2. Open config.yaml and adjust it to however you like.

NOTE: Make sure to set EULA to true otherwise the server will refuse to start.

  1. Start the Docker container. You will need a few volumes:
  • /usr/src/app/config.yaml - Location of your custom config.yaml
  • /usr/src/app/whitelist.json - Location of your whitelist, if any.
  • /usr/src/app/world/ - Folder of your custom Minecraft world to load
  • /usr/src/app/server.jar - (Default) location of the server jar file. Can be changed in config.yaml.

For example, your Docker compose file could look like the following:

version: '3'

        image: matrix-mc-server:latest
            - <your config>:/usr/src/app/config.yaml
            - <your whitelist>:/usr/src/app/whitelist.json
            - <your world folder>:/usr/src/app/world
            - <your server jar file>:/usr/src/app/server.jar
            - 25565:25565