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This repository serves as a bridge between Matrix and Minetest servers.


  1. Clone this repository into your Minetest mods folder:
git clone --recursive
  1. To access the Matrix homeserver, this mod needs access to HTTP calls. Add this mod to your minetest.conf settings at the field secure.http_mods:
#    Comma-separated list of mods that are allowed to access HTTP APIs, which
#    allow them to upload and download data to/from the internet.
#    type: string
  1. Fill in the values in config.lua:
config = {

    -- The user one expects to log in as
    user = "",

    -- The URL where the user communicates with the Matrix homeserver
    url = "",

    -- Room ID that the Minetest server bridges to
    room_id = "!",

    -- Access token to access the Matrix homeserver
    access_token = "",

    -- Average timeout duration
    sync_timeout = 30

  1. Add the mod to your world configuration.

Now you're good to go! Feel free to create issues or send me a message.