Bridge between GameBoy emulator and Matrix, written in Python.
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Matrix-gameboy is a GameBoy emulator that connects to a Matrix room and allows users to control the game from within the room.

This repository supports the following:

  • Emulate GameBoy games
  • Send control commands to the emulator
  • Get a screenshot posted in the room
  • Emulate GameBoy Advance (GBA) games

How to run

You can run

pip install -r requirements.txt && python

or using Docker, you can either build the repository yourself or run

docker run --rm --name "Matrix_Plays_GameBoy" \
           -v $(pwd)/config:/usr/src/app/config \

Why it was made

It was inspired by matrix-plays-pokemon, which is a JavaScript implementation that supports both GB and GBA using mGBA.

Upon debugging, there were several problems that couldn't be solved, so I decided to write up an equally short program doing the same thing, but in Python.

In short, this implementation is a wrapper of the PyBoy and matrix-nio libraries.